The National League West is comprised of 5 Major League Baseball teams: Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, and San Diego Padres. Here, our writers blog about the trials and tribulations each team faces throughout the season, 9 innings at a time.

Meet the writers


Albert Boe

Al is the founder of National League West. He is a Bay Area native with 10+ years in the field of journalism, having written for a number of news outlets. He is a lifelong Giants fan, and he hates being called a bandwagoner. He is currently pursuing a career in teaching history and psychology. His favorite piece of memorabilia is a ball signed by J.T. Snow.

Lauren Newman


Lauren is the editor of National League West. She is a Bay Area native and was raised on Giants baseball from the womb. She once upon a time also rooted for the A’s, but found the Moneyball style of business to be too heartbreaking to keep up with. She has an English degree from Notre Dame de Namur University and will be heading to graduate school this fall at St. Mary’s College of California to pursue a career in teaching. Her favorite piece of memorabilia is actually a customized jersey to commemorate her own college graduation.

Marvin Green

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Marvin is a Sacramento native, with strong Bay Area roots. His three favorite things are sandwiches, surfing and Giants baseball. His favorite memory is watching Barry Bonds in the on deck circle from field level with his Grandmother in 2003. He also enjoys watching prospects at the AAA Sacramento River Cats, and the trip-tip sandwiches at Raley Field.

Tito Morales

Tito is a Berkeley, CA native who graduated from The University of California-Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Material Science & Engineering. His favorite player is Brandon Crawford, and his favorite pieces of memorabilia are three replica World Series rings that he owns. Tito is an avid Giants fan, hardly ever even missing a game.


Charles Kaiser


Charles has lived in Arizona for most of his life and has been a Diamondbacks fan since they formed. Charles lives as an accountant by day and as a baseball fanatic always.

Benjamin Sutton


Ben is a Tucson, AZ native, and a lifelong Diamondbacks fan. His second team is the Cubs, thanks to his father’s roots in Chicago. Ben is currently double majoring in political science and law at the University of Arizona.


Jacob Lightford


Jacob is a Pasadena, CA native, and a lifelong Dodger fan. Some of his fondest memories include going to games with his father and brother and, while he has yet to witness a World Series parade in LA, he has faith it’ll happen eventually. Outside of baseball, Jacob plays the guitar. His favorite baseball memory is being at the 2015 game when the Dodgers clinched the division at home versus the rival Giants.

Nathan Kim

Nathan is a medical student at Loma Linda University and started writing for National League West in July of 2017. He graduated from Southern Adventist University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and a minor in English. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing basketball, music, and cheering against the San Francisco Giants. He currently resides in Redlands, California, and, remarkably, has yet to eat shrimp.


Brad Banda


Brad is a San Diego native and a devout Padres enthusiast. Outside of baseball, he enjoys motorcycles. By day, Brad is an operations analyst for a visual effects company in Southern California. His favorite piece of memorabilia is a Tony Gwynn signed baseball.

Johnny Goette


Johnny is a San Diego native currently living in Costa Rica with his wife and 2 children. A Padres fan since ’98, he has dealt with defeat by the Yanks and the fire sale Jeffrey Loria dreams he could do. Johnny currently lives in Costa Rica with his wife and two children, including a two-year-old daughter who agrees with him that the mustard and brown uniforms are superior to all others. His favorite Padres memorabilia item is a cap signed by Anthony Rizzo which he weeps into every night while cursing Josh Byrnes’s name.


Will Gearig 

Will grew up in northeastern Detroit and moved to Utah right after his graduation in 2005. He went to four years of trade school, and is now a Master Electrician Since he couldn’t get any Tigers games and Utah doesn’t have a team, he started watching the Rockies, and fell in love with the team. His favorite piece of baseball memorabilia is his autographed Cal Ripken jersey. He got it when he went to a Tigers/O’s series at 10 years old. Ripken came over after his uncle took the jersey off and the young Will ran down to the 3rd base side screaming and waving the jersey. He walked over, pulled out a sharpie and signed it right there, proceeding to say “I like your style , kid” tipping his cap and went back to stretching.