Why Panda Won’t Work

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Oh, I love the smell of a good burn out. And Pablo Sandoval is burnt so bad. $95 million in small bills burning over the city of Boston and San Franciscans laughing all day. Until they remember we traded Matt Duffy to Tampa.

But now that he’s failed spectacularly, and the Red Sox have given up, there really aren’t too many prospective landing spots for the Venezuelan. With roughly $50 million headed his way regardless of what he chooses to do, his stats don’t really lend themselves to the cause. He hit just .212 in 99 at-bats to start the 2017 season and that’s after a disappointing 2015 and a non-existent 2016 (he was injured for the majority of the season). Even at his best for the Red Sox, he only hit .245 in 2015 with 10 home runs. In San Francisco, he never went below .268 and that was the 2010 World Series year.

Pablo himself has admitted that he had trouble in Boston and most everyone saw the writing on wall. But is there somewhere else that the Kung Fu Panda could succeed? Somewhere he has succeeded before? With the right staff to get him in shape, a ball park he’s previously dominated and better clam chowder than Boston? You know…San Francisco? Probably not.

Honestly, Bobby Evans isn’t answering my calls still, and I’m beginning to suspect he’s avoiding me. Or I have the wrong number, I don’t know.

While it would be so hilariously redemptive to see him back in Orange and Black on a minimum contract, it’s not likely you will see him on the field in AT&T Park anytime soon. If the Red Sox fail to trade him and no one picks him up, there are still a number of factors in the way.

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First off, he’s not playing so great at the moment, and that’s never helpful in professional sports. Secondly, Pablo has publicly (famously) said that he was pretty excited to get out of San Francisco as soon as he became a free agent after the 2014 World Series. Thirdly, Bruce Bochy has a plethora of choices at 3rd base that all look better than the Panda has in recent times. Veteran Eduardo Nuñez (who plays in left as well), Conor Gillaspie, Christian Arroyo and Jae-gyun Hwang have all been good options when they can remain healthy. Arroyo looks to be the long term candidate, but is out for a chunk of this season with a recurring finger injury.

But at least one outlet has stated sources have discussed a trade to reunite Sandoval with the Giants, but it doesn’t sound like they are ever going to fall for the $95 million joke that is one of the worst contracts in history. However, with Boston basically paying for their own mistake now, it would be very low risk for Bobby Evans to make the phone call and see what Pablo’s plans are.

If he is willing to work his way up from the minor leagues, watch the weight and train the way he once did, then Evans and Bochy may strike gold. They certainly didn’t mind signing Michael Morse to a minimum contract to pinch hit and pep up the club house. Worst case scenario, they are out $535k from a team payroll that is in the hundreds of millions.

There is no reason to believe that if Pablo didn’t want to go to the Red Sox minor leagues he would be happy to come back to the Giants in such a diminished role. Based on the way he left, the money he has coming in, and flat out statistics, I just don’t see it.

But come on! Would it not be the most wonderful thing if Pablo Sandoval and Mike Morse led a 2017 San Francisco team to the World Series? I would cry tears of joy, Brian Sabean would finally get some sleep, and we would all finally forget about Matt Duffy!

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