Spring Training Surprises!

There have been a few players that have surprised me this spring. Keep in mind it is only Spring Training, but they are definitely looking good and hopefully the momentum carries into the regular season. Leave a comment and let me know who has surprised you this spring.


Taijuan Walker

Walker has been a strikeout machine this spring, striking out 21 batters over 13 innings. He has looked very confident on the mound and he attributes that to feeling healthy and new mechanics. A change of scenery could be exactly what Walker needed after being hyped up in Seattle. I was already excited to see what he could do for us this year and, given what he has done so far this spring, I am expecting a solid number 2 in our rotation.

Jake Lamb

Jake Lamb being successful in Spring Training isn’t a total surprise as he boasts a .379 career batting average in Spring Training (with 169 at-bats). I am very happy that he has seemingly put the second half of 2016 behind him and is ready to help Paul Goldschmidt carry the offense again. Lamb worked on his defense this offseason and it is showing; he has zero errors so far this spring(knock on wood). It looks to me that he is putting it all together and he will be a big factor in the D-Backs having a chance to make a run at a Wild Card spot.


Shelby Miller

Miller’s overall stats this spring don’t look sexy, but he has had some bright spots. On March 2nd against the Cubs, he had 6 strikeouts over 3 innings and only 1 hit. He also showed good command with 34 of 44 pitches being strikes. A couple weeks later, Miller had 8 strikeouts over 3.1 innings and only 1 earned run. Even though I don’t have a lot of high expectations this year for Miller, it’s nice to see him have some highlights.

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  1. Interesting that two of your three surprises were starting pitchers. It seems to me that pitching is the biggest question mark for the D-Backs this year. They have the offense to score a lot of runs even without Segura and Castillo. But they have to get production from a very talented group of starters. Greinke and Miller can’t possibly be as bad as last year. Corbin should bounce back further from Tommy John. Ray showed a ton of promise last year. And both Walker and Bradley are highly rated prospects who should be coming of age. If you removed last year’s results from history, you would think it is the best rotation in the NL West, maybe the majors! Think big! Now 40 year old Fernando Rodney as the closer is another issue…..


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