For a Brighter Purple Mountain Majesty

For basically the entirety of the franchise, the Rockies’ uniforms have remained unchanged. They’ve had the classic black, purple, and silver for a long time. Pinstripes at home, and, for awhile, pinstripes on the road, too. The only huge change they’ve ever made was changing to a more classic road uniform. For such a young franchise, the Rockies have had a very classic feel to their uniforms. However, this offseason, the franchise did something that could be considered drastic. They have now moved to a lighter shade of purple and changed the primary logo. This kind of came out of nowhere, but I love these moves. These changes may seem minor, but in the sports uniform universe, these are huge changes. Basically as big as you can get without a full rebranding. Let’s break it down.


To those of you who aren’t Rockies fans, you might have thought that this was already the Rockies’ primary logo. As of the 2017 season, this is the Rockies’ new primary logo:


Yes, this is already the logo used on the caps, but it is now the official team logo. It feels a bit weird to have the team move to a brighter shade of purple, yet their primary logo has no purple in it. I much prefer this logo to the former primary logo which was this:


This logo always seemed far too involved for me. Many preferred the version of this logo with just the mountain but ultimately, the change to the CR was a move in the right direction.


This is the big change here. For a long time, I thought the Rockies’ purple jerseys were far too dark. The purple would also end up looking blue on TV most of the time. The team now has a fix to this by using a much brighter shade of purple seen below.


The way the team described the change was a more “purpley purple”. The jersey on the right was the old purple, and you can see it even looks blue in pictures. On the left, you have the newest shade of purple which is far brighter and pops more. This shade has been on display all spring and has looked fantastic. It really energizes the Rockies’ new look.

Yes, all these changes are somewhat minor, but it’s all a net positive for the Rockies. I figured most people wouldn’t notice this unless it was pointed out to them, so that’s what I’m here for. I love everything about sports uniforms and I can go on forever about it. A huge thanks to Chris Creamer of He allowed to me use his resources for this article, and I couldn’t be more thankful. His site is fantastic for getting everything you need to know about uniforms. Make sure to check out his site, and I’ll see all of you in the next article.


  1. I really like the mountain logo, I think it showcases a lot more of the team’s identity than the letters do. But I agree it’s a little busy. Either way, I’m excited for the (slightly) new look!


  2. I think they should think about simplifying the mountain logo more. Then it could be used more. I really love the new purple though. It looks fantastic on TV and I’m sure it will be great in person.


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